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Тема: Dad&Daughter(Real Incest&Roleplay)Daily Update

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    My Stepdad Knocked Me Up HD

    Dear Diary
    Last weekend Mom had to take my brother to some band convention in Georgia so I knew Daddy was home alone all weekend. I headed over on Friday evening and Daddy was happy to see me. We talked for a minute but our desires quickly overpowered us and I started sucking his cock at the dinner table.
    Daddy was soo hot he bent me over the chair and fucked me hard from behind til I had rivers of my cum running down my leg... I may have squirted. Daddy spun me around in the chair, pinned my knees to my chest and fucked me so hard my cowboy boots started shaking. We fucked until we were both satisfied and exhausted.

    Daddy spent the night with me in my old room and in the morning I showered while he slept. After my shower i slipped into bed with him and woke him up by sucking his cock. He was rock hard in no time and I just had to feel him in my wet pussy. I rode his cock for what seemed like hours until we both exploded in a massive orgasm that filled my womb and left me very messy. What an AWESOME weekend!!!
    XoXo Love shelby

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    My Weekend

    Dear Diary
    So the other night mom was out of town and I figured it was the perfect time to seduce my stepfather. I put on my sexiest outfit and snuck in his room. When I eased back the covers and saw he was naked my pulse quickened at the sight of his cock. I straddled his legs and started nibbling his cock then took his hardness in my mouth. The feel of his cock growing in my mouth made my pussy tingle and gush.
    My lips on his cock soon stirred stepdaddy from his slumber and shocked him at first. I convinced him I'd keep it a secret and next thing you know his throbbing cock is in my wet pussy. He spanked me while I rode his cock which really turned me on even more. When he grabbed me by the throat I pulled his arm to make him squeeze harder. With his hand on my throat I laid back against him and he got so hot he bit me too. After a bit he bent me over doggy style and fucked me so hard my big ass shook. Apparently my big ass was too much for him since he came deep inside me very quickly. Oh what a night!!!
    XOXO Love shelby

    Dear Diary
    The next morning I really didn't want to go to school, I wanted more of my stepdaddys attention, so I called him in my room. It didn't take much convincing once my lips were on his cock to get stepdaddy to let me stay home. He laid on my bed and let me ride his cock for what seemed like hours. Stepdaddy took control for awhile and got on top of me fucking my pussy hard.
    He put his hands on my throat and fucked me to orgasm after orgasm making my pussy gush and my head swim. He got me so hot I even bit his fingers a few times as his big cock speared my tiny pussy. Apparently he likes my ass alot since he spanks it all the time but especially right before he cums. Thats 2 days in a row stepdaddy filled my womb doggy style, I hope I don't get pregnant.
    XOXO Love shelby

    Dear Diary
    Things are really heating up around here between stepdaddy and I. The other night mom called and said she'd be late so I got a bit of free time with him again. I sat with him on the couch and started stroking his cock while deep throating it. My lips must have really turned him on cause he bent me over the couch and fucked me hard then made me stroke him off in my mouth. His hot load tasted so good I made sure to get every drop including what dripped down my chin. I don't know how much longer I can keep my hands off him around mom.
    XOXO Love shelby

    Dear Diary
    I'm in my second trimester and either mom found out or stepdaddy was just sick of her crap. Last night he told me the divorce was official and we don't have to hide anymore. This will be one really happy family now.
    XOXO Love shelby

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    Alyssa Cole

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    Hayden Hennessy

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    Jenesis Jade

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    Jessica Rex - Forget Mom For A Moment, Fuck Me!17.01.12

    She blows him, he licks her ass and pussy, they fuck doggy, missionary and reverse-cowgirl, until he cums in her mouth. All while mom is in the kitchen one room over.

    Blowjob, Ass Worship, Cunnilingus, Kissing, Fingering, Butterfly, Standing Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Missionary, Facial

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    Karly Baker

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    Dad and Jenny

    Jenny has been hanging out with her Dad after school, helping him at his office. To night was no different. and, as her Dad explained to her mom on the phone that he would be late again tonight, Jenny eagerly sucked his cock. She loved her Dad's cock. It was big and filled her mouth. She loved cock. After a while of cock sucking, Dad helped his daughter onto his desk and then licks her pussy for a while. Then, he slides his cock into her tight wet slit. He fucks her for a good while and in different positions until finally shooting his load deep inside her.

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    Vanessa Cage in Cognitive Fluency

    Scene One: Trust me I am lying

    Vanessa and her brother are snooping through their parents bedroom. There they find all sorts of kinky sex stuff hiding under her bed. Just then their mother Cory walks into the room. "What are you doing?" Cory says angrily. "I don't even know what these are" Vanessa says defending herself. The siblings blame each other and try not to get in trouble.

    Cory is going to punish her nosy daughter. She starts to pull off Vanessa's clothes when Vanessa shouts that her brother will see her naked. Cory blindfolds both of them and strips her daughter naked while Vanessa protests. "I'm going to teach you a lesson" Cory says, humiliating her daughter. She lays Vanessa on the bed and ties her up.

    With her powerless to stop it, her brother touches her exposed body. "Mom, this is so weird" Vanessa says on the edge of crying. Brother and mother touch her breasts and rub a vibrator against her pussy until she's ready to be used.

    She doesn't understand what's happening, being forced to suck, having her legs spread and her pussy penetrated. While being fucked Cory takes off the blindfold from her silly daughter. "Oh my god, you're making me have sex with my brother!" She screams, seeing him between her legs. Cory makes her daughter lick her pussy while she watches her son fuck her and make her cum. With one quick jerk he shoots his big load into Vanessa's unwilling mouth. "Share that load with me" Cory tells her and they kiss. Vanessa is in a state of shock and doesn't know what to do.

    Scene Two:Greatly Daring

    Vanessa's punishment isn't over. She has to lay naked in the bed, blindfolded and tied down. She feels warm hands touching her breasts and hears her mother's soft voice. Vanessa thinks her brother is back to fuck her again and happily sucks his cock. She feels him enter and fuck her and lets it happen until Cory takes off her blindfold.

    "Daddy?" Vanessa says looking into the eyes of her dad fucking her. So turned on by being used and fucked she gives in and fucks him back. No longer the innocent girl Vanessa knows what men want from her and she gives it to them. Cory's shocked by her daughter happily fucking her husband. "Are you a good girl?" Cory asks her playing with her big tits as she's fucked. A huge warm load is dumped on Vanessa's face from her fathers throbbing cock and Cory kisses her. They share the taste of slutty desires and Vanessa asks if she's done being punished. Cory has made her into the perfect good girl.

    Scene Three: Turning tables

    "How do you like being tied up? I'm the boss now." Vanessa yells at her mother. Cory is tied up, blindfolded, and at her daughters mercy. She's been used and abused by her mother and now it's time to fuck her up. Vanessa places a vibrator on her mothers pussy until Cory is quivering and pulling against the ropes.

    Then for the big surprise. Vanessa slides a huge strap on up her legs and gets ready to fuck her mom into a moaning whore. "Do your worst" Cory tells her and Vanessa does just that. Cory loves it. Being helplessly fucked and having to suck her taste from her daughter's cock. Cory cums like it was her first time and falls in love with her new mistress Vanessa. She leaves her mother tied up until daddy gets home...

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    Jessica Rex 360p

    File Size :217 MB
    Resolution :640 x 360 AVI
    Duration :00:28:41

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